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E.g., 12/2017

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October 19, 2017 | Javier Chinen, MD, PhD

Your child has started school or daycare and now he or she comes home with a runny nose, sneezing, and watery and itchy eyes. They say everyone in class is sneezing. 

During school time, children are exposed to others who might have viral infections; and during the Fall season, ragweed pollen, a potent allergen, is abundant in the air. The level of mold spores also increases, particularly in places recently flooded.

Is it a pollen/mold allergy or a cold? 

Both respiratory allergy reactions and colds can present with similar symptoms, and both can lead to more serious conditions, such as sinusitis or ear infections.

October 17, 2017 | Jessie Marcet-Gonzalez, CPNP

As parents, we want our children to grow, learn and be healthy individuals to lead happy and successful lives. We want to provide our kids with the best nutrition, education and foundation in order to accomplish this. It’s important for our children to have good sleep architecture and a restful night in order to function adequately in school. Snoring and frequent arousals could be the result of enlarged tonsils and adenoids, leading to what is called sleep disordered breathing. Texas Children’s otolaryngologists take care of children with this complaint, as well as recurrent throat infections. A tonsillectomy, with or without adenoidectomy,...

October 16, 2017 | Lauren Shillinger, mother of patient

Photo credit: Karina Martinez Photography, Frederick, MD

Dear Dr. Curry, Dr. Weiner, Dr. Coorg and the medical team at Texas Children's Hospital,

This week we are celebrating ONE year out from two brain surgeries and our daughter, Brynleigh, still being seizure free! How could we ever begin to put into words the gift you have given our daughter and family? We are thankful, grateful and blessed. One year ago we were anxious about the surgeries and your team made us feel completely comfortable and at peace as we handed over our almost 3-year-old daughter to the surgical team. We will remember those weeks, moments and hours forever...

October 13, 2017 | Jorge Emilio Gomez, MD

The Sports Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Hospital treats young athletes with concussions according to the latest scientific guidelines. Before 1998, there were no official guidelines agreed upon by most sports medicine doctors about how to treat concussions. Since then, a group of the world’s leading experts on sports concussion have met approximately every four years to review all the scientific studies on sports concussion and write guidelines on how to treat athletes with concussions. The latest guidelines from the group’s meeting in Berlin, in November 2016, were published earlier this year. These latest guidelines include some...

October 12, 2017 | Elizabeth "Raine" Johnson, MD, FAAP

Babysitting is a huge and exciting responsibility. As a pediatrician I often get asked for advice when a teen is getting ready for his or her first babysitting job. Here is a list of my “babysitting do’s and don’ts.”

Babysitting do’s

  • Your first priority is keeping the kids safe. It’s important to know the home address and home phone number. Make sure you have a list of emergency numbers including: 
    • Parents name, phone number 
    • Back up adult in the event parents are unreachable 
    • 911 
    • Poison control...