E.g., 10/2018
E.g., 10/2018
May 16, 2018 | Jessica Zink, MSPAS, PA-C
Summer Safety | Texas Children's Hospital

Temperatures are gradually rising, which means summer is just around the corner! Soon, kids will be out of school and spending more time playing outdoors at home, with their friends or at summer camps. While it’s very important for children to have a good time during summer break, it’s even more important to ensure their safety while they play.

When outdoors, it’s imperative for your child to wear appropriate sunscreen. It should be reapplied often too! For babies younger than 6 months of age,...

May 15, 2018 | Laurel Lyn Williams, DO
Self-Harm | Texas Children's Hospital

For many people, the idea of self-harm is confusing. Most parents will feel upset, hurt and frightened when they learn their child is self-harming. They worry about their child’s safety, reflect on the signs they must have missed and might feel a sense of failure or shame that it’s happening to their family.

Self-harm has a very long history within human culture, but self-harm as a symptom of distress for young people in the United States has definitely been on the rise over the past 20 years. Generally, young...

May 14, 2018 | Aikaterini Anagnostou, MD, PhD
Food Allergy Introduction | Texas Children's Hospital

Introducing different foods into your baby’s diet can be a stressful process. We all aim to provide the best possible start in life for our children, and establishing a nutritious and wholesome diet is an important part of this effort. Over time, significant changes have been made to how we introduce allergenic foods to infants. These changes have also brought many misconceptions and myths surrounding allergenic food introduction. Some of the most common myths are detailed and debunked below.

Myth #1...

May 11, 2018 | Taylor Gilliland, M.D. Candidate 2018, Deepak Mehta, MD
Tracheostomy | Texas Children's Hospital

What's a tracheostomy?

A tracheostomy is a hole surgically created in the neck into the trachea or windpipe, which is typically done in an operating room under general anesthesia. A tracheostomy tube is placed through the hole and into the airway, which may be placed to assist in breathing and to protect the airway. This new airway, bypassing the nose and mouth, can be temporary or permanent.

Why would my child need one?

There are many reasons why your child could need a tracheostomy. Your child...

May 10, 2018 | Corley Fichera, CPNP
Children's Mental Health | Texas Children's Hospital

If you’re a parent, caregiver or individual impacting the life of a child, your ultimate goal is their highest attainment of happiness and success. We strive to monitor their physical health, encourage high academic performance and serve as a guide for their behavior, which all rolls into their evolution into a well-rounded adult. If these are the goals for our children, data from the past decade indicates that we’re actually a piece of a much larger puzzle. Research leads us to understand how stable mental health is a critical...