E.g., 08/2018
E.g., 08/2018
April 27, 2018 | Zach Summers, patient
Diabetes | Texas Children's Hospital

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) four years ago, when I was 13 years old. My life changed drastically after learning this, but Texas Children’s was there to guide me through the diagnosis. They calmed my nerves by providing me with personalized care and taught me everything I need to do for myself in order to maintain a healthy life. Every day I check my blood sugar at least five times, count the carbohydrates in all the food I eat and manage my insulin accordingly. Initially, a high level of stress was associated with the immense knowledge I needed to retain on that first day, and every day thereafter. Among the many issues on my...

April 26, 2018 | Ruth Ann Luna, PhD
Autism | Texas Children's Hospital
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Each day during National Autism Awareness Month we’re exposed to various facts and figures regarding autism, along with endless “feel good” success stories to spread. Sensory-friendly events are often abound, many of them targeting preschool-aged children who need the lights dimmed or sound lowered to enjoy various community activities. Lurking in the shadows of awareness is the reality behind severe autism. There is a tremendous range of symptoms within the autism spectrum, and with...

April 25, 2018 | Kimberly K. Lopez, DrPH, MPH, BA
Talking Tips | Texas Children's Hospital

Yes – I’m that parent. The one shuffling through the produce section of the grocery store, picking out her choices with the same level of excitement as an Astros fan watching Game 7 of the World Series and offering an intimate play-by-play narration to her baby boy nestled in the grocery cart.

“I think we need some Granny Smith apples. What color are these? Green! Let’s count out our apples, 1-2-3-4!” I do all of this because I know I can make my baby laugh when I count in a funny voice. I also do this because talking to him helps with his brain development, and allows us to connect with each other.  

I know it might...

April 24, 2018 | Shelly Nalbone, MS, RN, CPNP, IBCLC
Spitting Up | Texas Children's Hospital

My baby is frequently spitting up – it seems like it’s all of my breast milk! I never thought breastfed babies spit up this much. This can’t be normal, can it? Is there something wrong with my baby?

Don’t worry – we get these questions often. Caring for a baby who spits up can be stressful for parents, creating worries about the baby’s health and proper growth. Spitting up is a very common occurrence in healthy babies, and usually won’t cause any issues in regards to the baby’s growth or development. This often happens because the baby’s digestive system is so immature, making it easier for their stomach contents to flow back up into...

April 23, 2018 | Daren Molina, MD
Shin Splints | Texas Children's Hospital

Spring means warmer weather, more rain and the start of track and soccer season. Young athletes who play sports with heavy amounts of running and jumping can commonly complain of lower leg pain. Shin splints are one of the main causes of this lower leg pain.

What are shin splints?

First, let’s go over the anatomy of the leg. The lower leg, below the knee, is composed of two bones – the main shinbone, or tibia, and the smaller bone on the side, the fibula. Each bone has a dense layer of covering, which can be likened to wrapping the bones with plastic wrap. The covering is called periosteum, and is where all...