E.g., 10/2018
E.g., 10/2018
October 05, 2018 | Stephanie Tyner, mother of patient
Lauryn's story | Texas Children's Hospital
Images courtesy of Stephanie Tyner

If I could characterize our daughter’s journey to freedom from seizures, I’d call it a roller coaster of emotions. Thankfully, we felt safe and secure throughout the entire ride, all thanks to our phenomenal care team at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Lauryn – one of our twins – was a spunky, blue-eyed spirit with a completely average medical history, up until kindergarten at least. On a relaxing Sunday afternoon, I noticed Lauryn making strange noises – I couldn’t tell if she was grunting or laughing. We had no idea what was happening to her. For just a moment, I...

October 03, 2018 | Tiffany X. Nguyen, DO, FAAP
When kids move to learn, they do better in school | Texas Children's Hospital

I’m a pediatrician, so I definitely understand how a child’s natural inclination to move around and fidget during the day doesn’t exactly fit well with traditional learning methods in most schools. However, several studies actually prove that when kids move to learn, they do better in school.

I once had a middle school-aged patient, a boy whose parents were complaining of his constant fidgeting during homework time. They were always nagging at him to sit still and get...

October 01, 2018 | Albert C. Hergenroeder, MD
10 tips for preparing your child for adulthood | Texas Children's Hospital

In this fast-paced world, adolescents are busier than ever, which can easily become overwhelming for them. I often find parents asking, “How can I help?” Consider the following tips as you help your child manage time, achieve balance and ultimately prepare for adulthood.

1. Give your children and adolescents your most important commodity – time

Buying your children and adolescents more things – more toys,...

September 28, 2018 | Mark and Sara Ciesielski, patient family
Sara's story | Texas Children's Hospital
Images courtesy of Paul Kuntz

Mark Ciesielski, father of patient

I adopted my daughter, Sara, when she was 18 months old. For most of her childhood Sara was a fairly healthy child. Then in late 2014, I noticed a few, small red spots (petechiae) on her upper body. Sara developed a series of spiked fevers. She seemed to recover quickly with overnight rest, but began to take more afternoon naps, which was unusual for her.

In early 2015, right before Sara’s 16th birthday, I received a phone call from the school nurse. Sara had a very high heart rate and was having difficulty breathing. I...

September 26, 2018 | Stephanie R. Sisley, MD
7 local resources for managing weight, living healthier | Texas Children's Hospital

When it comes to leading a healthier life for you and your children, we’ve all heard this generic advice – eat better, exercise more. For some reason, this hasn’t broken my habit of making no-bake cookies whenever I need a sugar fix. Please, don’t tell anyone my secret! I’m board-certified in obesity medicine, and it might hurt my image …

Seriously, all jokes aside (although those cookies are no joke), I’ve sadly seen similar frustrations over and over again from families struggling to help their child get to a...